What is a "SIG"?

A Special Interest Group ("SIG") is a non-geographical, independent entity recognized by the Internet Society. A SIG is formed by Individual Members of the Internet Society, with the desire to pursue significant long-term activities that support the non-profit mission of the Internet Society. The Internet Society supports and promotes the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives, and a force for good in society.

The local geographic chapter of the Internet Society is Internet Australia. The Knowledge Banking - Special Interest Group (KB-SIG), is a joint initiative of Internet Australia and Web Civics to define and support means in which new information management systems are defined to support legal personhood and to define the core foundations to a knowledge economy. These foundations intend to ensure the primary beneficiaries and custodians of human activity is our natural world and those who live in it. The concept of a 'human centric web' depends on ensuring human actors are the primary beneficiaries of the storage and use of data and artificial intelligence used as an extension to self. These information management systems bring the human 'observer' as an active 'agents', augmenting information management platforms intended to work on their behalf in an environment of Social Machines

The concept of a Knowledge Banking Industry is meant to describe the fiduciary means in which infrastructure services are brought to market as a foundation to the management of knowledge equity, for use in a knowledge economy.

To inclusively support new thinking 'ecosystems', the SIG is being curated to support multi-diciplinary community engagement, as to define a new industry that may be considered 'fit for purpose' in its role of supporting the natural world (our environment), humanity (ourselves) and our socioeconomic activities (personhood), both here and abroad.

The SIG is brought about under the governance structure of Internet Society of Australia whose role in internet governance extends through to the Internet Governance Forum whereby local community engagement may extend the voices of the people right through to the form and means of the United Nations whose role in human rights is unparalleled.

The initiative of Web Civics and Internet Australia is about shared responsibility and shared ownership. Our means is inclusively 'human centric' as our method and means of defining a better future for ourselves and others. We support Australians to participate and support the capacities of those domestically and abroad to effect rapid change. Knowledge Banking Industries are considerd and defined by forms of 'Web Science' and social ecology [1][2] for the express purpose of improving support for personhood.

The effect, becomes one of 'ontological design' practice management in relation to the design of information management systems, built on-top of internet technology.

History of Internet Australia

In 1996, the Internet Society of Australia ("Internet Australia") held its Inaugural general meeting. Australian Internet Luminary Geoff Huston[3][4] said at that time"This is the Society for everyone", "We want this body to be relevant to the very broad base of Internet users, publishers, developers and others who make the Internet what it is today. There are plenty of organisations for business; this one is for people. If you use the Internet and are interested in the things that affect its development in Australia and the world, the Internet Society can be your voice."

Membership to Internet Australia continues to be the best available means to participate in future making as is influenced by internet communications systems.

Membership makes your voice count in the discourse of figuring out how it is that we can make the internet dependent world, work for you.

About WebCivics

Web Civics was established in 2014 as a special purpose vehicle by a social-entrepreneur who had started working on a 'knowledge banking industry' in 2000. Through his dedication to the idea of a 'knowledge banking industry', his efforts have led to many tremendous challenges and opportunities as to have brought about a circumstance in which he has garnished input from many of the worlds greatest minds in his endevours, and the shared values based works of those he has had the honour of working with, to change the way the internet works. Web Civics is about supporting the development of resources, tooling and opportunity to ensure people own their data and throught the use of that data, define and maintain primary custodianship over the way artificial agents are employed to acts on their behalf.

Why get involved

We are striving to form an events program that is centered upon being highly accessible to all who want to get involved after hours, as to support the means in which we make use of expressed community sentiments in our design and implementation works.

The more Australians we are able to get involved, the more inclusively informed our work will be provided as we strive to find out what is important to you.

Our 'after hours' events are expressely curated to get you and your loved-ones, collaboratively involved in the design of our infosphere as curated by the corpus enabling structure of Internet Australia to collaboratively undertake our best efforts, to define a better world for present and future generations.

The Knowledge Banking SIG is being established upon a series of principles where the aim is to enshrine the means to engage in the discussions informed by our shared sense and means to articulate Moral Grammar, as is otherwise set-out in our systems of democracy. These participatory structures are intended to support our shared commitments to international agreements, such as Universal Human Rights, presently too often, too hard for people to find meaningful utility particularly when most in need.

Our designs and production of a Knowledge Banking Industry that is tolorent and supportive of diversity, to support the means in which our system of government, is technically provided the means to make use of our communications systems in their efforts to support us, as they otherwise intend to do as representatives of the people whose role in civics renders the fundermental ordinances of personhood, shared responsibility and the shared values of peoples living under the social-contract of juristitional Rule of Law.

Our 'After Hours' Meeting Principles

  • We have a temporal existence with a starting point, and an end point. It is not the challenges a person faces that defines them, it is what they do, and as a consequence how it is we influence the world around us, that defines us.
  • Meetings are open to adult members of society. We seek to ensure we use language that can be easily understood by a diversity of others.
  • Our works seeks to support the means in which Humans are made the primary custodians of their actions where made capable to be so & to be the beneficiary of 'rule of law' where limited beyond their means of influence. The data generated in relation to personhood renders the means to achieve accountability for self and our influence upon others.
  • The Primary Custodian for ones actions is ones self; The fact that there are pressures and costs does not absolve people of their moral responsibility. Meetings and communications are curated 'in good faith'[5][6].
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed to support humanity renders meaningful support as an extension of self. The Use of AI should not 'decieve, mislead' or distort communications relied upon, by others.
  • As Information Technology is an inextricable constituent to beneficial personhood, the primary means we observe the world and communicate with others, the universal tools for interoperability must be made 'commons' rendered means of juristionally relevent accountability in the creation and maintainence of open-standards.
  • We are brothers and sisters of those who live abroad and our government is an instrument of the people. We have a rich heritage of contribution to Human Rights as founding members of the United Nations, and our people, such as Hon. Michael Kirby have been instrumental to the means in which shared values in fields such as privacy have been forged globally.
  • Our efforts seek to inform our reprsentatives of our ideas and works on solving matters that are relevent to us. Our purpose is to meaningfully support personhood of ourselves and others, through the use of technology.
  • We respect and tolerate differences of opinions in our form of egalitarian meritocracy where our shared common wealth of culture and community as we pay tribute to diversity in resourcing our shared values and the means in which we communicate them, in different ways.
  • We as Inforgs are made accountable as the custodians to our interference patterns interacts with our natural world. We have no alternative should we not value our world and those who depend upon it. Our world, is our shared responsibility as we are the custodians.


In 2017, Australia Hosted the World Wide Web Conference, in Perth Australia. Web Civics presented "The Trust Factory 2017" where leading minds presented diverse views informing the foundations of what are our shared problems and opportunities, at the intersection between the infosphere, humanity and the natural world. The Knowledge Banking SIG is a follow-up program to make a different information management systems capability by way of defining a new industry of 'knowledge' or 'information fudicaries' that serve the people, much like a bank serves the people in the provision of bank-accounts as a financial fudicary. These events, are about ensure the manufacture of these systems, is undertaken in an inclusive manner.

If you take away all the electronic information stored in relation to you - what is the impact to you? If this is important to you, how can you help to define how information management systems should work for you?

Through the initiative of Web Civics and Internet Society Australia - we are forming the means to support your capacity to get involved in how we build the tools to ensure citizens are empowered, as to help ourselves and others; whom we seek to ensure are meaningfully supported through the elected use of time, with the patronage of our cojoint personhood.

May 25 2018



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Internet (Web) of things IoT

Connecting 'things' to beneficial ownership and use, by people.


Ensuring meaningful accessibility and utility

Commons Data | Discovery & Sovereignty

Ensuring our systems of governance and community engagement is managed by appropriate custodianship structures.


Making sure our Infosphere renders meaningful assistance to all, irraspective of disability or other form of disadvantage

Verifiable Claims

The socio-economic means in which the maintainence of Personhood by way of Group works (corpus) form meaningfully articulated, permissive instruments and ledgers

Artificial Intelligence

ensuring the semantics of the infosphere enshrines accountability and meaningful apparatus for the advancement of personhood.

The Draft SIG Terms of Reference

We're defining a Special Interest Group to defining the Core Infrastructure to serve your needs in our Knowledge Economy. The document is currently being drafted, and if you'd like to add your views and comments, click the link below and let us know how to make this document better.

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Programme Schedule

We're working on ensuring we deliver the opportunity for you to get involved in a city near you. Round 1, is about workshops that help to discover the list of information about you we need to think about


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